• Data Center Cleaning
  • Sub-floor Cleaning
  • Above Floor Cleaning
  • Equipment Cleaning
  • Above Ceiling Cleaning
  • Sub-floor Deck Seal
  • IDF + Switch Room Cleaning
  • UPS Room Cleaning
  • Battery Room
  • Keyboard Cleaning
  • Environmental Audits & Reporting
  • Custom Maintenance Programs
  • Stand Up Tile Pullers
  • Tacky Mats

network server room with computers for digital tv ip communications and internet

Description of Services for Data Center Cleaning and Computer Room Cleaning

Network Servers at Data Center

Sub-floor Cleaning

A. Sub-floor void will be cleaned using HEPA-filter vacuums with efficiency rating of 99.97% at .3 microns.

B. Unusual conditions within the floor void will be noted and reported (example: clogged drains, unsafe floor pedestals, holes in the vapor barrier, condensation, rust, corroded floor pedestals and HVAC equipment).

C. Perforated tiles will be removed and decontaminated as requested.

D. The area in and around cable groupings, around base of columns and walls under the floor will be cleaned.

Equipment Cleaning

A. All standard hard surfaces will be decontaminated, including cupboards, ledges, racks, shelves, desks, monitors and support equipment, by wiping with an anti-static cleaning solution.

B. All external surfaces of the in-room process air conditioners will be decontaminated by wiping with an anti-static cleaning solution.

C. Tops of all equipment, storage cabinets and tape racks will be vacuumed and/or wiped down.

D. Contamination will be removed from all exterior hardware surfaces including inlet and outlet grilles with HEPA-filter vacuums and treated with an anti-static cleaning solution.

E. High ledges, light fixtures and generally accessible areas will be treated or vacuumed as appropriate.

F. Vertical surfaces, including windows, glass partitions and doors, will be thoroughly treated.

server room and data center

interior of machine room

Raised Floor Surface Cleaning

A. Entire raised floor surface will be dust mopped using computer room paddle and disposable dust filter cloths so as to lift the dust, not push it around. (This includes underneath the equipment.)

B. The entire surface of the access floor will be treated with an anti-static cleaning solution. Stubborn stains on the access floor will be spot cleaned (scuffs, black marks, footprints, toner, etc.) The floor will then be scrubbed and rinsed with a damp mop to remove any remaining dirt or chemical.

Environmental Conditions Report

A. Before, during, and after the cleaning process, a series of tests will be conducted, including particulate counts, ferrous metal tests, seal integrity tests and vapor barrier inspection.

B. The results of these tests will be provided in a written report that will include all of our findings, charts and graphs and any recommendations EnviroTec may have regarding the ongoing maintenance of your computer room.

Server farm in data center

Trained Force

EnviroTec’s policy and promise is to use a “trained force.” We personally recruit employees and give both the initial classroom and ongoing job training necessary to give our customers a quality product without disruption to service.

Ask for a list of names of those who will be working at your site at least 30 days prior to scheduled work.

Complete computer room cleaning and data center services!

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